Monday, September 17, 2007

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

TIFF is over and done with. Still in need of a film festival fix? Well, coming this October is the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and founder and festival director Adam Lopez has been kind enough to send me some info about what's in store for this years festival:

"Toronto After Dark Film Festival is delighted to announce half its lineup of new horror and fantasy feature films which will premiere at its second annual edition, this October 19-25, at the Bloor Cinema, in Toronto, Canada. The first seven feature films revealed are: THE TRIPPER, David Arquette’s star-studded debut horror film as writer-director; POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD, Lloyd Kaufman’s much anticipated new zombie musical; THE WOLFHOUND, the most expensive Russian fantasy film ever made; AACHI & SSIPAK, a groundbreaking new sci-fi animation from Korea; MULBERRY STREET and AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION, two critically acclaimed and gut-renching new zombie outbreak films; and AUDIENCE OF ONE, a hilarious, award-winning documentary about one priest’s disastrous attempt to shoot a Christian version of Star Wars.

Seven more feature film premieres, and a collection of 36 cutting-edge horror and fantasy short films will complete this year’s Toronto After Dark program, when they are announced online at the festival website on Sept. 26. Fans can watch trailers to the announced films, and pre-order Festival Passes at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival website here."

Check out a full sampling of trailers for these flicks over at Youtube.

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Thanks for the heads up on TAD.