Tuesday, September 4, 2007

16MM Films - No Video!

I was in Suspect Video today picking up a few videos ($3 used VHS cassettes = best/cheapest present ever) and happened upon the new flyer for Trash Palace. (If you're unfamiliar with 'Toronto's Classiest Cinema', check out the interview Kino-Eye did with the founder, Stacey Case, some months back.) Looks like another great line-up, and I say that not knowing a thing about any of the films he's chosen to screen.

Here's the list of up coming flicks (along with Stacey's brief explanatory notes for each film):

Sept 14 - Cotter (1973) (Alcoholic rodeo clowns)

Sept. 28 - Flat Foot (1973) (Italian crime/Bud Spencer's best film)

Oct. 12 - Rhino! (1964) (Safari Action)

Oct. 26 - Halloween Spook Show! (8MM and Super8 condensed versions of horror movie classics! Over 20 films!)

Nov. 9 - Macon County Line (1974) ("It shouldn't have happened. But it did...")

Nov. 23 - Gorilla at Large (1954) (Gorilla in the audience!)

Dec. 7 - Project: Kill (1976) (Leslie Nielsen as a kung fu assassin. This is not a comedy.) (KE: Found this bit of commentary on the film after Googling 'Project: Kill'. Not only does this movie have Mr. Naked Gun himself, it also boasts an appearance by Nancy Kwan, who played Linda Low in the musical 'Flower Drum Song'. Bonus!)

Dec. 21 - The Force on Thunder Mountain (1978) (Merry Christmas from Trash Palace. The best bad movie in the world.)

Jan. 4 - Plague (1978) (Happy New Year from Trash Palace. Shot in Toronto. A trash classic.)

Tickets are $5 in advance (there are no walk-ins allowed) and can be picked up at Suspect Video at Queen and Bathurst. And remember: the location of the screening is a secret (unless you've alrady been to the Palace before) and is printed on the ticket. Doors open at 8:30 and the film begins at 9:30, but I'd advise everyone to arrive early, as Stacey likes to screen some wild shorts before each movie.

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Good to see you back in action Kino-Eye.