Friday, October 12, 2007

Too $hort

'Well I'm Too $hort baby, hear what I say

I never do work but I always play

Cause the game is life and I play the game

So you never talk down on a player's name'

Which is to say that the Student Shorts Film Festival is coming to Innis Town Hall, October 18 to October 20. Basically, while most of us were sitting at home in our underoos, downloading BitTorrent files of old Family Guy episodes, there were university students from Canada and across the globe who were putting in work to create delicious, bite-sized samplings of cinema. So give props where props are due and creep on over to Innis next week for the fest.

(And take a look at the festival's Lego-inspired trailer. Does this remind anyone else of being a kid and trying to film stop-motion animated features on a family member's camcorder, or was I the only one who was lame enough to do that?)

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