Sunday, June 24, 2007

You'll never guess where Pai Mei's weak spot is...

A quick plug for two blogs run by Colin Geddes, the man behind the Kung Fu Fridays screenings at the Royal and the Revue, and the programmer for the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival. Colin has been of great assistance in alerting Kino-Eye to film-related happenings around the city and we can only hope that, like the Shaolin Temple after its decimation in 1732 at the hands of the hated Qing, the Temple of Fu will rise again.

To check out Colin's 'Kung Fu Fridays' blog, which discusses all things k-fu related, click here. (Much respect, Colin, for choosing Lo Lieh as your profile pic. Not the most handsome of the Shaw Brothers' stable of actors, but one hell of a Pai Mei.)

For 'Popcorn & Sticky Floors', a more general blog dealing with the films and theatres of yester-year, click here.

Got a blog, a magazine, a zine, or a radio program that you want us to plug? Send us the info and it will be done!

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Jiangtou said...

WoW! I'm blushing!!! Thanks for the plug!